Anouk "Kath" Demellier

Junior Material & Environment Artist

About Me

Hi, my name is Kath. I'm a Junior 3D Artist, passionate about rendering and atmospheres, living in Netherlands. I'm a dynamic woman, who likes to do everything possible to achieve her goals: challenge, self-transcendence and passion are my watchwords! In addition to my full-time work, I'm helping on a game, in modeling, surfacing, and rendering.

Bachelor in 3D animation at LISAA, I learned the pipeline in the CGI and all the steps of creating 3D renderings. At LISAA, I also supervised the movie, Undermind, as the production manager. I was in charge of the Ligthing, Rendering, VFX and Compositing. I also did an internship in a French metropolis for the creation of substances. I was able during this experience to learn more about procedural textures.

I have skills in these software packages such as Maya, Substance Designer, Adobe Creative Apps (Photoshop,After Effects etc.), Nuke and render Engine as Arnold.


Personal Projects

Hot Chocolate and Mandarines Winter Flowers Breakdown of Winter Flowers modeling

Skills and Experience

Autodesk Maya

Modeling, Shading and Lighting skills for rendering in Maya (Arnold)

Substance Designer

Texture creation and procedural material for shading


Retouching and image processing for final image

Contact Me

I'm available for any type of project, let's discuss and see how we can work together!

Be free to contact me on LinkedIn or in this Email :

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